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31st SciFi Marathon by the Numbers

fight the power, Bucky
This weekend I attended the 31st annual CWRU SciFi Marathon in Cleveland, Ohio. I just got back and I'm recalling the weekend. BTW, the three surprise films this year were quality: E.T., Real Genius, and Serenity. Here is the breakdown for the weekend by the numbers:
Number of times I have now been to the Marathon: 8 (including this one)
Number of years since my last Marathon: 3
Number of months since I was last in Cleveland: 32
Number of changes I saw in Cleveland that made me go WTF: 4
Number of hours at the Marathon: 31
Number of hours on the road: 29
Number of hours out of my apartment: 61
Number of hours of sleep: 7
Number of miles traveled: 1614
Number of US states traversed: 6 (excluding the states of monotony and chaos :P)
Number of timezone crossings: 2
Average speed on the road: 70 mph
Number of gallons of gas consumed: 52
Number of dollars paid in tolls: $20.85
Number of police speed traps successfully evaded on the Ohio Turnpike: 7
Number of times I looked behind the car to see if Milligan had dropped the transmission out of it: 3
Number of times I doubted that Milligan really knew how to drive a manual transmission: 1.5
Number of times Milligan pointed out a "Cheese" Sign in Wisconsin: 6
Number of wrong turns we made: 4
Number of toll booths where we accidentally went through the I-Pass lane: 1
Number of times I pulled off the road because I was so sleep deprived, I was hallucinating: 2
Number of times I ran out the battery on my iPod: 2
Number of times I was really glad Milligan was there: 3
Cost of a Marathon ticket: $25
Number of movies shown at the Marathon: 15
Number of movies I wish I hadn't seen at the Marathon: 1 (Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow)
Number of movies I slept through at least half of: 2
Number of theater seats I worked a butt groove in: 3
Number of songs performed by Pat Boone: 1
Number of times I started bitching incessantly about the changes Steven Spielberg made to the director's cut of E.T.: 4
Number of times Milligan told me to chilll out: 1
Number of times someone shouted, "You're going to the Island!": 37
Number of sexual innuendos missed by the audience: 0
Number of sexual innuendos imagined by the audience: too many to count
Number of liters of pop I consumed: 7.5
Number of devil's food chocolate frosted donuts I ate: 8
Number of pieces of Valentino's white with artichoke pizza I ate: 7
Number of free pizzas I scored from the Mike Valentino: 1
Number of boxes of Crunch 'n' Munch I ate: one family-size box
Number of apples I ate: 2
Number of boxes of CheezIts I ate: 1/2
Number of jars of peanuts I ate: 1
Number of showers taken: 0
Number of times I changed my socks: 1
Number of times I thought, "I'm getting too old for this:" 2
Number of people I saw for the first time in years who I forgot their names: 6
...But I remembered their online screen-names: 4
Number of people I saw "dressed up" for the Marathon: 2
Approximate number of people at the Marathon: 250
Number of times I wanted to kill someone else there in the theater: 2
Number of fire alarm evacuations: 1
Number of times everyone was enlisted to madly clean the theater before the fire marshal arrived: 1
Number of times I checked my email: 1
Number of times my cell phone rang: 0
Number of times I wished I was somewhere else: 0
Number of times that I felt depressed or lonely: 0
Number of people remembered fondly: too many to count
Number of hours I'll probably sleep like a rock tonight: 15
Number of hours it will take to read the backlog on my LJ Friends' page: 3

Not a bad time for an event with no alcohol. Although, I'd point out that the effects of sleep deprivation are very similar to being drunk off your butt. :)

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( 4 critics — Kiss my shiny metal....reply )
Jan. 23rd, 2006 03:26 am (UTC)
Real Genius is one of my all time favorite films.

Hmmm... does that mean I have a few high geek quotient?

OK, don't answer that. Please.
Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah this film is classic Marathon fodder.
Jan. 23rd, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
Grrr....sad I missed it. Serenity at the SF Film Fest would have been great.
Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:09 pm (UTC)
The crowd went nuts when Serenity started.
If I'm west of you and I go again next year, you'd be welcome to bum a ride if you aren't in Austrailia. :) BTW, Charlie says, "hi." Did you know that his son Robert is in college at the U of Chicago right now? How's that for making you feel old?
( 4 critics — Kiss my shiny metal....reply )


fight the power, Bucky
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